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Caltrans project development procedures manual

Caltrans project development procedures manual

MS4 Permit The new General Permit for operator of Municipal Separate Storm Water Sewer Systems (MS4s) covers the requirements for cities not already covered by one for the many "Phase I" permits issued since about 1990.
STATE WATER BOARD (SWRCB ) Caltrans Permit SWRCB Water Quality Order No. 99-06-DWQ (NPDES #CAS000003 the Statewide Storm Water Permit for Caltrans Activities (Caltrans Permit). Construction General Permit California Statewide Construction General Permit (General Permit) AND the new Statewide General Permit for Storm Water Discharges.
Finding Number 3 OCIO and FHWA requirements can be met with SE pg. 8 Finding Number 4 Institutionalizing SE requires improved capabilities pg. 15 Finding Number 5 SE process must be tailored for type of ITS project pg. 17 Finding Number 6 High performing relationships are essential pg. 21 Action Plan Roadmap pg. 23 Action Plan Phase 1 Startup and concurrent activities pg. 24. Action Plan Phase 2 Basic Systems Engineering pg. 26 Action Plan Phase 3 Advanced Systems Engineering pg. 27 Action Plan Phase 4 Institutionalizing SE at the Department level pg. 28 Action Plan Phase 5 Specific ITS challenges pg. 29 Sample Action Plan Schedule pg. 30 Acknowledgements This Executive Summary was the collaborative effort of the following individuals: the dark duet book 1 pdf Frank Taylor (Project Manager) Caltrans, Division of Transportation Planning Frank Cechini (FHWA ) ITS Manager, Federal Highway Administration, California Division Michael E. Krueger (ASE Consulting LLC) Consultant Project Manager Appreciation to the following for their review and comments: Osama Elhamshary CCIT Project Manager Bill Tournay Caltrans, Division of Transportation Planning Reza Navai Caltrans, Division of Transportation Planning Contact Information: Frank Taylor Caltrans Project Manager (916) 6516006 Osama Elhamshary CCIT Project Manager (510) 6423150 Michael E. Krueger ASE Consulting LLC Project Manager (714) 7082993 SYSTEMS ENGINEERING EVALUATION This executive summary is based on the Final Report: Systems Engineering Evaluation for ITS, 2006 (Final Report). The strategic goals and objectives that guided the study were as follows:
CFR 40 Volume 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) - EPA HazMat Regulations. This is where you will find the lists of hazardous materials that require secondary containment and other regulatory restrictions.
Websites of Other Organizations Water Quality Planning Tool This web site contains a water quality planning tool that provides information on water quality standards, and also contains a "Basin Sizer" program that calculates the WQV for Treatment BMPs located within California.
Center for Watershed Protection The Center for Watershed Protection is a non-profit organization that offers a wide variety of reference and educational material, as well as links to other information sites. Stormwater Manager's Resource Center The Stormwater Manager's Resource Center (SMRC ) web site is.
NIOSH also is the agency that certifies respirators for use where atmospheric hazard cannot be otherwise controlled. NIOSH Training Resources. Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards OSHA Main Website Access to regulations and many informational and educations studies.
State Programs Most states have been authorized to implement the NPDES stormwater program, as described in the table on this web page. California Air Resources Board (ARB) This page has a listing of the ARB Districts and links to air quality guidelines and regulations.