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I won t go into the tricks to remove DRM because it s illegal to do that in the US. However, you can turn your Nook Color into an android tablet and load the Kindle and Nook apps on it so you can read books...
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Database design software mac

Database design software mac

If you're using Windows Subsystem for Linux then there are currently some limitations on file system notifications that mean you should disable the spring and listen gems which you can do by running rails new blog -skip-spring -skip-listen.
4.1 Starting up the Web Server You actually have a functional Rails application already. To see it, you need to start a web server on your development machine. You can do this by running the following in the blog directory: This will fire up Puma.
If you have no prior experience with Ruby, you will find a very steep learning curve diving straight into Rails. There are several curated lists of online resources for learning Ruby: Official Ruby Programming Language website List of Free Programming Books.
Convention Over Configuration: Rails has opinions about the best way to do many things in a web application, and defaults to this set of conventions, rather than require that you specify minutiae through endless configuration files.
Open the file config/routes. rb in your editor. This is your application's routing file which holds entries in a special DSL (domain-specific language) that tells Rails how to connect incoming requests to controllers and actions.
One of these is the new application generator, which will provide you with the foundation of a fresh Rails application so that you don't have to write it yourself. To use this generator, open a terminal, navigate to a directory where you have rights to.
By following along with this guide, you'll create a Rails project called blog, a (very) simple weblog. Before you can start building the application, you need to make sure that you have Rails itself installed.
Be aware that some resources, while still excellent, cover versions of Ruby as old as 1.6, and commonly 1.8, and will not include some syntax that you will see in day-to-day development with Rails.
It allows you to write less code while accomplishing more than many other languages and frameworks. Experienced Rails developers also report that it makes web application development more fun. Rails is opinionated software.
In our case, we want it to show up when we navigate to the root URL of our site, http localhost:3000. At the moment, "Welcome aboard" is occupying that spot. Next, you have to tell Rails where your actual home page is located.